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Name is Julian, from Romania, Eastern Europe, born sometime during the crazy ’60s. Intelligence professional, with a classic cameras and photography twist. Yours truly

I got this photography bug since the early 80’s, at the photo lab in my high school in Bacau. The only camera I had at that time was a beaten down Smena 8. I had my encounters with Nikons and the like, then medium format and 16 mm caught my fancy. I have also lived through the Olympus-mania during the early 90’s.

The Minox came much later in my life, around 1995. It was quite an encounter, for I never looked back !

This is the new Minoxit website, as the old one had to go. I reload 8×11 cassettes, process 8×11 and 16mm film negatives, and I scan these formats. I am also an active member of subminiature photography groups.

I am no expert, and I am learning every day. I am also a vintage fountain pen collector and repairer, and I run a small repair shop for these wonderful objects (

Therefore, just see my blog as a hobby of an amateur photographer, with its minuses and pluses, all done in good heart and with a lot of friendship.

Hope you will have a good time in here, welcome !

Minox A/IIIs - Agfa APX 25 - Rodinal

Latest photographs

Please do note I do not sell cameras or accessories or manuals. I do however sell fresh 9.2mm and 16mm film cassette reloads. And I do process and scan thesefullX film formats, for anyone needing this kind of thing. I do consider the above as valuable services to the subminiature community out there. These communities are shrinking by day, any help keeping them alive should be greatly appreciated.

Hope you’ll enjoy. A few samples of my past work here. See you around!

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