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Out of the pit of my past (and sometimes painful) experiences about buying a Minox camera: if possible, make sure the camera has its presentation box, and that the camera is in pristine or as new condition, or hardly used. This is because if the camera is accompanied by its original presentation box, there are great chances it has been sitting in it for the last 10-20-30 yrs or so. This also means that the meter has been sitting in the dark for a long time, and if so, its selenium cells decayed at a much slower rate than usual. And if the camera is not used, or hardly used, it would mean (theoretically) it was not out of the box for long periods of time.

Of course, it is entirely possible the box it's not that of this particular camera, and someone is selling a Minox B with a different box, acquired separately to this purpose. But then again, when dealing with vintage items such as this camera, one has to be careful.


  1. minoxit says:

    Bernhard, thank you for your kind and knowledgeable input; indeed, this probably is a major reason why the cells irreversibly decay. It could also be a good explanation on why the meters and cameras using selenium cells, kept in their storage boxes and cases/sleeves are prone to less decaying over the years.I have seen meters with their cells still working, made useless by humidity which corroded their internal circuits.

    I remember some years ago I sent my old Weston Master III to the UK, cells needed replacement. The cells were almost useless, badly off. The UK repairer had my meter up and running like new, obviously at a not-so-cheap a cost. I have asked him at the time if he can change the cells to some Minosix meters I have (off by 1-2 stops) and he agreed. Said he never opened and worked on a Minox meter, but he is willing to give it a try. Guy’s name was Ian Partridge, his website here: . Never got round sending the poxy little things, but now I wonder if I should’ve. Perhaps I will, one of these days.

    Thank you again for your input,much appreciated. All the best for now!

  2. Bernhard says:

    The decay of selenium cells has more to do with the humidity at the storage location than with beeing exposed to light. So look out for Silica Gel in the package if you want to buy a camera or put some in to the package if you want to store your camera for a longer time. I found once ago a company in England still producing Selenium Cells but at a breathtaking price and I don’t know if they are still in business.

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