27 January 2021

Some places 2017

26 January 2021

Shark !!

26 January 2021

Minox in Krakow

18 January 2021

Minox in Europe

29 January 2019

Minox landscapes 2009-2016

I have been traveling a lot during these 7 years, on both pleasure and business purpose. Enjoyed it, quite a lot. My trusty Minox IIIs has […]
17 March 2014

Spider web 2013

Taken in a pitch dark room, just thought to try if it works. It did. Now, it seems Chinese folklore have a bad feeling about doing […]
28 February 2014

Thoughts on Agfa APX 25

Summer of 2002. The sales person in the photo supplies shop in Watford Herts, (where I was residing at the time), advised me to buy as […]