8 January 2021

S-112 Belomo

8 January 2021

Fujica Half – 72 frames

8 January 2021

Mikroma 16 tank

8 January 2021

Mikroma film cassettes

8 January 2021

Steky 16mm Japan

21 October 2014

Masters of old

20 August 2014

Spy cameras – beginnings

Photos uncovered by the National Archives show how the police spied on the suffragettes. These covert images – perhaps the UK’s first spy pictures – have […]
14 July 2014

Seitz – the round 8X11 camera

In times where cameras are mass produced, it is incredible: every piece of a Seitz Roundshot camera is carved from a solid block of aluminium using highly […]
30 January 2014

Photopia light meter

Photopia Ltd. was a photographic distributor based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. The company sold cameras and accessories – some of them made and branded for Photopia […]
30 January 2014

Sekonic Hanimex light meter

This is the Sekonic’s very popular L-8 co-branded and sold by Australian Hanimex. The only difference is Hanimex logo. I bought mine when in Brighton UK […]
22 January 2014

Mikroma Meopta II

The original Mikroma appeared in the late 1940’s, and in 1957 Meopta opted to produce an updated version.   It has the same body design as the […]
16 January 2014

Weston Master II Cine

The Weston Master II was produced in this variant for cine use, in 1946. The dial is calibrated in Relative Brightness and the calculator is used […]