17 January 2021

Tarroux film cutter

7 February 2019

Film cutters collection

During the last 22 years, which is the time I have spent enjoying my Minox hobby, I have used a lot of film cutters. Different models, […]
4 February 2019

8×11 film cutter

This film cutter was purchased as part of larger Minox stuff, some years ago. I have no idea if it comes from a Minox machinery from […]
2 February 2019

3D printed film cutter

As with everything else, the technology progress starts to affect and change the subminiature photography; no wonder new approaches and inventive solutions to old problems. One […]
1 February 2019

8×11 film cutter review

Although it has been published in the second part of 2017, it is nonetheless a new thing for many Minox users out there. First published on […]
28 January 2019

Film cutter models

I was surprised on how many film cutters are out there. To be honest, I believe this to be extremely beneficial for all of us. Out […]
8 September 2017

Minox film slitter

FILM CUTTER 35MM TO 9.2 AND 16MM Article by Julian Tanase – published on www.minoxit.com | 08 September 2017 Right then. Let us talk about this new […]
19 October 2014

Russian film cutters

The F-21 is a very small fully mechanical camera with a wind-up film transport mechanism, built by the Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod (KMZ), the Mechanical Factory of […]
19 October 2014

TLR film cutter

Not much to say; a lot and all has been said by the designer and owner here. Basically a film cutter from 120 to 127 film […]
10 March 2014

Cut & roll Minox film

How to slit and roll 9.2mm film Minox film is technically specified as 9.4mm wide. But for self loading, it is better to slit it slightly […]
19 January 2014

Jimmy Li film cutter

Cutting your own format from various film stock has long been a good source of getting fresh film for our weird cameras :-). However, we seldom […]
14 January 2014

Film slitters

Cut your own stock, and bring that Minox back to life. Given the fact that most of the available 8×11 film on the market today is […]