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Edixa is a brand of camera manufacturer Wirgin Kamerawerk which was based in Wiesbaden, West Germany. The product line included several 35mm cameras and 16mm Edixa 16 subminiature cameras designed by Heinz Waaske from the 1950s to the 1970s.


The Edixa 16 was designed and developed by engineers and technicians of Wirgin in Wiesbaden and its subsidiary company Franka in Bayreuth. The famous camera constructor Heinz Waaske was the leading of its developers. It was sold as Edixa 16. Later versions were sold as Edixa 16 with a capital letter or a combination of two letters giving the type name. The Alka 16 (made for Karstadt warehouses) and the franka 16 were similar to the Edixa 16 U.

It uses 16mm film (that is cinefilm) or dedicated 16mm still photography film (scarce as hen teeth).My choice is Kodak negative, plenty around, for now:


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