I have taken out some FOMA 200, stored in my fridge since 2019. Good film to shoot when loaded in my slow speed old cameras, but never tried to cut some and use it in a Minox camera. Granted, I have used in the past Foma 100 and 400, with good to excellent results, but not 200 ASA. I have shot this film here at 100 ASA, not 200. Now, seeing the results, I am a bit displeased with the grain. not exactly gravel size, but I remember Foma giving up some velvety results. The agitation vs time (too often/too long), together with the flash impact onto the negative may have created a bit of larger grain than I am used to. Notes were taken, lessons have to be learned.

The flash employed here is a Minox 8x11 Electronic Flash Unit, a constant output flash. The only control is on/off and trigger pins, which are automatic by contact only (you cannot discharge the flash capacitor manually). Guide number 12 meter with ASA 100 film. With Minox A/B/C etc, it reaches 12/3.5 = 3.5 meter. With EC it reaches 12/5.6 =2 meter.Been a while since I have used it, so I need a few more rolls to get back on track with flash photography.

I have developed it in Rodinal 1+50 for 6 min, rinsed, fixed (1+4 Ilford) for 4 mins, rinsed for 5 mins, wet agent, hanged to dry. Scanned with a Plustek 7200 OpticFilm, just a bit of contrast in Adobe.

Minox BL, Foma 200, Rodinal, flash Minox 1/250

Minox BL, Foma 200, Rodinal, flash Minox 1/500

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