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Minox photography is something of a niche; although a lot of information exists on the wide web, some of it's somewhat scattered and not necessarily indexed in the right way. The exceptions are the old Greenspun place (where I was learning my first Minox steps), Gerald McMullon's trove of knowledge, The SubClub, and a few other places where one could go and get information, such as Flickr or, in a more or less "library" like thing.

That said, I am actively looking for those scattered pieces of info on Minox; it takes time to find these little shreds of data and various experiments, but they are foundable nonetheless. I always try to give to the Caesar what belongs to the Caesar, i.e. to quote the copyright, if I find one. Worst case, I quote the link where the information came from. If someone feels I have neglected this copyright thing, please email me so I can put the things right.

In this case here, I have found several pages of information related to Minox cameras, film and process, together with some interesting data on "how-to" various stuff related to Minox. The data and ideas are part of Mr.John G. Derrickson's "Minox Film project", as he named it, and can be found here. The copyright goes to, obviously, John G. Derrickson.

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