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Lots of appreciation articles and words have been written, spoken and published on Klaus Sasse's book "Bilder aus russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft: Erinnerungen und Fotos aus Jelabuga und anderen sowjetischen Lagern 1945-1949". Reading this book and learnign about the author's life and experiences in the Sowiet labor camp, one feels small and humble. He lived in a world and in a time of turmoil, pain and man killing man. It beggars belief that some of those soldiers made it home, in the late 40's and early 50's. The reality of it all hits you in the face, once you open the book and start reading. True, it is not the only book on this subject, but is almost unheard of for a prisoner of the Red Sowiets to smuggle, keep and use a camera in those killing zones, aka labor camps.

Well, Klaus Sasse had done it, and so many years later, he shares his own experience with us, showing to the world how he saw those times. It is only befitting that he does so through the lens of a Minox camera

I believe a good thing to add here are a few words regarding Klaus Sasse's book, part of a discussion on old Greenspun forum:

"From July to August 1999, there was an exhibition titled "Do you know Jelabuga ?" in the Culture Museum of Osnabruck/ Felix-Nussbaum. This was the first time the secret pictures taken by Klaus Sasse in Soviet POW camps in Jelabuga, Selenodoksk and Kolstau in 1945-1947 were displayed in large quantities. Klaus Sasse used his 1938 Minox Riga camera to secretly record the images in these POW camps on four rolls of 50 exposure VEF Minox films. A Minox Riga camera played crucial roles in capturing these POW camp images, at great personal risk. any other camera was not possible There were a total of ninety pictures with extensive text at display. After the war, Klaus Sasse used pseudonym Konigberger published a few of his Minox pictures about POW camps in Germany, but most of his images were not published. This was the first time he went public.

I am not related or affiliated in no shape, form or manner with Amazon, but I would advise you to get this book while it lasts. It is a witness to a piece of our history as human kind, for whatever it is worth. Anyways, this is the purchase link, if you wish to buy this book. I do hope you'll find this book to be a window in the past, as I did. Enjoy !

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