General investigations Romania – since 1991.

Business investigations and general investigations in Romania are what we are offering to our Western clients; a range of specialized services, literally directed towards business protection and diligence research in order to safeguard our client’s interests in Romania.

While we are focused mainly on business investigations in Romania, we also offer insurance claim investigations, employment and screening services, intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting investigations in Romania. But for now, back to business (no pun intended):

Your business “risk-free” zone does matter to us; someone who built his/her business ad maintained it through thick and thin deserves to be helped in the utmost professional manner: this is what we believe and this is our pledge.

Competitor profiling

Due diligence

Commercial deep research

Business background

National and local risk & regulatory compliance

Affiliation research

Board, associates and administrator personal profile

We do approach the above with professionalism and utmost confidentiality; the techniques used are not a secret ingredient. They are those employed by any professional investigative company worth of its salt. So what makes us different, you may ask.

It’s the deep, unconditional, complete commitment to client. This, coupled with the human intelligence factor, creates an unbeatable weapon with which we resolve to approach the project. And we indeed obtain very good and powerful results, empowering our client so he can take the best decisions for his/her company.

Contact us today to learn how we may help your company or you business in Romania. We encourage you to make use of our free case evaluation, without any obligation to you: just click the button to your right.

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