Process serving Romania

This is one of the professional services Romania Private Investigations is conducting on behalf of our clients, mainly law firms, individual legal entities, etc. The process serving Romania also includes filing papers on behalf or from / to  courts of law and/or legal firms or attorney at law offices.

We undertake process serving Romania on the national territory of Romania and Republic of Moldova. However, we have resources in place, so if a process serving needs to be conducted in other countries beside the above, we are capable to run it in a safe and legal environment. To see a list of countries of where we can serve, please check our regional coverage page.

Process serving Romania and Moldova is conducted and run as:

>    Rush services

>    Regular service

>    Return of service

>    Same day service

>    Service by fax

>    Service by mail

>    Service by publication

We can serve the following documents, but not limited to: legal firms notifications, attorney to client confidential information, court subpoenas, local council notifications to former Romanian residents in the UK or anywhere in Europe, US authorities letters to Romanian counterparts, civil services letters, child care and social services legal documents, etc.

>    If you are not sure of Romania Private Investigations process serving can deliver or serve your documents, please contact us.

Alternatively, we offer free of any charge assessment of the serving (i.e. free advice on our capabilities, and if we cannot do it, we will refer you to a similar service provider in the area you need the service to be run).

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