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acmel mx

During the 80’s, the Japanese Asanuma produced and sold a novelty Minox- like camera, marketed as Acmel MX. It used a similar film cassette, 8×11 film format, and it had a bult-in in flash. Made of shiny, solid black plastic (very bakelite-like), branded in golden lettering, with a metallic chain attachment. The flash is operated by a battery inserted on the side of the camera.

Lens Azonon, 14.3mm (f3.8, f5.6, f8, f11), fixed-focus 0.75m to infinity, fixed shutter of 1\150th. The loading bay for film cassette is underneath the camera (as you look at it from front) and battery compartment is on the side, where chain eyelet is located.

Unnamed-001-001Regarding the batteries needed for this camera: it takes N batteries, or better known as LR1 type. All good stores are stocking these.

Voltage is 1.5v, and they fit perfectly into the battery housing.

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