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This film cutter was purchased as part of larger Minox stuff, some years ago. I have no idea if it comes from a Minox machinery from the factory, or it’s a part of a machinery from elsewhere. It appears it is meant to be part of a larger machinery, that is why I keep saying “part of”.

However, it is pretty handy when used by hand (no pun intended); it is basically a rolling cutters ensemble, mounted onto a metallic part. On the opposite side of the rollers, one is feeding the 35mm film negative strip. It catches the rollers on the other side, and one cuts 2 clean stripes of 9.2mm, and the two unusable sides of the negative, obviously.

It does have a “hammered paint” finish, specific to the machineries in factories.

The film negative feed “well” is a fix match to 35mm width, no tolerance. It continues as such until it reaches the rollers. It cannot wobble left or right, up or down. It is shiny and lacquered, does not scratch the negative.

There is an inscription on the cutter, I cannot make anything out of it.

The rollers are very sharp, not worn out, appear to be made out of steel, sides of hard plastic of some sort.

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