We are hearing about a new brass cassette for 8×11 film.Is this true ? Yes, it is !

This article was written and published in 2016, on Minoxit.com, by Julian Tanase

Not a surprize, not in the least. Jimmy rocks the Minox & submini community yet again, this time with a chrome-plated, brass-made 8×11 cassette.

This is yet his most daring and challenging enterprise. Not many of us would start such a project, even if we had the necessary technical means at our disposition (which 99% of us don’t). Well, Jimmy did. And he did it in his own style, with dare, understanding, patience and knowledge, besides a lot of elbow grease somewhere in there.

I will be back to this posting, once Jimmy will provide me with one of these brass marvels, so I can review it. He is still adjusting things, hexametering butterflies, plinking ducks, milking steel parts, and so forth…if you know what I mean :-)).

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