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Long I have waited for decent results from Adox CHS 50, purchased last year in a bout of renewing my film negative stock. I have heard so many good reports about this film, so I wanted to give it a try myself.

Not only that, but I also dared to buy a pack of Atomal 49, to have the complete folly; although reports about this developer were pretty impressive, I failed to see why; the negs were all muddy and grossly grained. I thought at the time that it must be probably me, with my clumsiness and amateurish approach towards this film. I still believe that, as far as my pride and truth goes.

I had tried anything I could throw at it: ID 11, D-76…no good. Results were sub par with anything I used to get out of my usual films. So, at the time I thought I’d better not buy this film anymore, and sell whatever was left of it or give it away for free, just to get rid of this annoying film.

Yesterday, I had a day of respite from daily professional chores, so I decided I better develop the latest batch of films (7) gathered in the last months (actually since June last year). I had 2 rolls of this film among those unprocessed, so I thought what the heck, let’s experiment; I dipped it into Studional, 1+15 @ 4 minutes, agitation every minute for 10 secs.


I was gobsmacked; the look of the film after processing is plain APX 25, if you remember this beautiful and long mourned film…the tones are velvety, and the entire appearance is very pleasing indeed.

This is gallery with a few of the results, Minox C camera was used. Enjoy!

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