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Nothing produces the quality and quantity of light generated by a flashbulb. Small, portable, easily fired and relatively inexpensive, flashbulbs are able to provide a tremendous amount of illumination from the palm of your hand.

The AG1B flashbulb (peanut bulb)

AG-1B is the blue version of AG-1 (clear) flash bulb. The guide number for AG1B is about 80 feet*f-stop at shutter sync of 1/30 sec with EI 100 film. To use AG1B on Minox LX\TLX set shutter dial to flash sync mark, the shutter will close automatically when enought light reaches the film.

The Blue bulbs are made for color exposures. The clear bulbs give a yellow cast to color film.

  • F – Fast bulbs, with time to peak approx. 5 ms and flash duration under 10 ms (at half peak), which could be used with X synch sockets of leaf shutters at speeds up to 1/100 s.
  • X – a German class laying between types F and M, with time to peak of 10-18 ms and most common flash duration of 8-10 ms.
  • M – Medium fast bulbs, offering time to peak 18-20 s and generally 8-12 ms flash duration.
  • S – Slow burning high power bulbs with time to peak approx. 30 ms. Due to long flash duration (some 20-30 ms) S type could be used with leaf shutters at speeds not higher than 1/20 s, but had guide number significantly higher than other flashbulb types.
  • FP – slow burning bulbs intended for synchronisation with focal plane shutters at any shutter speed. Type FT had time to peak of approx. 30-35 ms and 25-35 ms flash duration at half peak, with relatively even brightness.

I have purchased a good number of such bulbs, in excess of 300 pcs, Sylvania mostly. These shoudl keep me going for a good while, but if I’ll find a cheap lot, I’ll buy them too. They are not manufactured anymore, and if one wants to use this bulbs witn Minox flash, one has to move fast. The stock won’t last forever.

AG1 bulbs blue dot

It looks that Minox GmbH made their own AG1 bulbs. I believe these was only branded Minox, and actually made by General Electric.

Bulb lash photography example, from my galleries:


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  1. Bruce Sdunek says:

    Right! I have found quite a few on eBay. Like you say, keep buying them as they’ll run out soon.

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