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I remember a time when I was just pop in Jessops on the Watford’s High Street and just buy a couple of Agfa APX 25, to take home and cut it to a handful of Minox 9.2mm strips. Of course, some more cash in me pockets, and I would treat myself to a couple of Techpan 25 as well. Easy as that. Good times! Can you imagine that a loaf of wholemeal bread in Sainsbury’s was some 28 p? Those were the times…

The APX 25 is the film of dreams, at least for me. It sits up there, on the heaven shelf, near Velvia 50, Techpan 25, old Ilford Pan 100, and other long gone film types. Oh yes, and the Ektachrome…

I still have some bricks of 50 or 60 APX 25 rolls in my freezer (in 35mm), waiting for me to decide when, how and if to use them. Once that is gone, is gone. I believe I am going to start hoarding some APX 25 in 120 format (still foundable to some extent) and get Jimmy Li to build me a 120 to 35 and 16mm. How’s that for a cunning plan ?

Tavern in Greece – Minox IIIs with APX 25, rated 25, Studional, own process and scan

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