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It doesn't happen often, but it does happen nonetheless. Going back to basis, that is. In my case, here and now, is back to B. Minox B, to be exact. When reverting to much simpler photography (not that is anything simple with Minox cameras), I feel like I still have to learn. And this is so very true, you never stop from learning, with MInox or any cameras, to be honest. It is always a learning curve which seem to get farther up, as you move along. Not a bad thing, mind; sometimes one gets lax, forgets, gets lazy or complacent, and all these alter the results.

Setting the film speed, remember the focus bracketing and zones, cleaning your Minox, slow and careful processing of the film, re-read the manual, you know, all those things which you did when the camera first arrived on your desk. Remember the joy? The feel of the silky, smooth, anodized body of the camera, wondering about the controls, what makes it so a marvel, imagining those really grand photograph you'll be taking?

So if you want my (unsolicited) advice, reverting to basics is worthy of your effort, certainly, every now and then. It certainly works for me.

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