This Minocolor 100 ASA film was found in a Minox camera, purchased some time ago from Germany. The film was shot on its entire length, and I thought well why not, let us give it a try. As I only process BW, I did just that, dipping it in Rodinal Special 1+25 for 12 minutes @ 38*C. The film came out down on the contrast side of things, but I could see some printable frames.

The temp was all right, the time wasn't. Most of the times, a good give away of a good development is the purple-ish water that comes out of the tank. The temp AND time are paramount when it comes to getting rid of the color layers, or at least this is what I have found. Something has to change next time; need to add some 50% more time to the process, for a start.

Anyways, the film came out not as bad as I thought it would, and 18 frames were printable. It shows people and places from the 80's (I guess), in Germany (some German writings in a couple of frames). You wouldn't happen to recognize anyone?

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