6 February 2021

IOR “Orizont-3”

27 January 2021

Minox C “FI”

14 January 2021

Acmel MD

14 January 2021

Revue Mini-Star

8 January 2021

S-112 Belomo

8 January 2021

Fujica Half – 72 frames

8 January 2021

Steky 16mm Japan

5 January 2021

Minox A

Minox A is a small high-quality subminiature camera that is small enough to be hidden the palm of a hand. It was built by Minox in Germany between 1948 […]
26 January 2019

Boxed Minox C

Very beautiful package, recent acquisition (2016). Interesting thing, inside I found a Minox ME-1 electrical cable (the contact between flash and battery), and a Manual for […]
20 October 2014

Acmel MX

During the 80’s, the Japanese Asanuma produced and sold a novelty Minox- like camera, marketed as Acmel MX. It used a similar film cassette, 8×11 film […]
14 July 2014

Seitz – the round 8X11 camera

In times where cameras are mass produced, it is incredible: every piece of a Seitz Roundshot camera is carved from a solid block of aluminium using highly […]
22 January 2014

Mikroma Meopta II

The original Mikroma appeared in the late 1940’s, and in 1957 Meopta opted to produce an updated version.   It has the same body design as the […]