27 January 2021

Minox C “FI”

14 January 2021

Acmel MD

14 January 2021

Revue Mini-Star

5 January 2021

Minox A

Minox A is a small high-quality subminiature camera that is small enough to be hidden the palm of a hand. It was built by Minox in Germany between 1948 […]
26 January 2019

Boxed Minox C

Very beautiful package, recent acquisition (2016). Interesting thing, inside I found a Minox ME-1 electrical cable (the contact between flash and battery), and a Manual for […]
20 October 2014

Acmel MX

During the 80’s, the Japanese Asanuma produced and sold a novelty Minox- like camera, marketed as Acmel MX. It used a similar film cassette, 8×11 film […]
14 July 2014

Seitz – the round 8X11 camera

In times where cameras are mass produced, it is incredible: every piece of a Seitz Roundshot camera is carved from a solid block of aluminium using highly […]
21 January 2014

Minox IIIs & lightmeter

14 January 2014

Yashica Atoron

1970 Yashica Atoron, made in Japan by the Yashica company. Built-in selenium meter, reading in EV increments. This would be the Japan reply to Minox cameras. […]
13 January 2014

Minox BL – the scarce one

The Minox Model BL is essentially a redesigned Model B with the addition of a semi-coupled CdS (Cadmium Sulfide) exposure meter. The CdS meter is more […]
13 January 2014

Minox EC – the economy

The Minox EC is a subminiature photo camera introduced by Minox GmbH in Germany in 1981. Although it accepts the same 8 x 11 mm film […]
13 January 2014

Minox LX – the intellectual

The Minox LX is a subminiature photo camera made my Minox GmbH in Germany during the last stages of the Cold War. It’s a fully electronic […]