16 January 2021

Acmel cassettes

8 January 2021

Mikroma film cassettes

4 February 2019

Different 8×11 brass cassettes

I have two of the Jimmy Li 8×11 brass cassettes, and they are absolutely fabulous in using. Sometime they get abused too, but there is no […]
2 February 2019

Old Minox cassettes

Starting with Riga, the Minox cameras benefited of metallic film cassettes; an excellent design, sturdy and storing up to 50 exposures per negative strip, these old-style […]
1 February 2019

8×11 cassette review

I have made this review available to all members of the community. Just read it here, or download it from the link provided at the bottom […]
1 February 2019

Jimmy Li 8×11 cassette review

Review and article author: Julian Tanase, Minoxit.Com | 9 September 2017 First getting a glimpse of his new design of a Minox film cassette, Jimmy was […]
1 February 2019

A brass cassette for Minox ??

We are hearing about a new brass cassette for 8×11 film.Is this true ? Yes, it is ! This article was written and published in 2016, […]
10 March 2014

Cut & roll Minox film

How to slit and roll 9.2mm film Minox film is technically specified as 9.4mm wide. But for self loading, it is better to slit it slightly […]
20 January 2014

Reloading 110 cassettes

Although films of various types were available for 110 cameras, the cameras could only be set for 100 ISO or 400 ISO.  (Some cameras have +/- […]