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Why 9.2mm format for Minox ?

20th March 2019 minoxit 5 min read

Although not a  real conundrum or a deeply buried enigma, this question has been asked many times;  indeed, why the 9.2mm format? Is it indeed 9.2mm, […]

Agfa APX 25

13th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

I remember a time when I was just pop in Jessops on the Watford’s High Street and just buy a couple of Agfa APX 25, to […]

New films added

18th March 2015 minoxit 1 min read

I have added a few more film brands to the list of what you can purchase from here. Please note that: 1) I do not sell […]

Cut & roll Minox film

10th March 2014 minoxit 3 min read

How to slit and roll 9.2mm film Minox film is technically specified as 9.4mm wide. But for self loading, it is better to slit it slightly […]

Reloading 110 cassettes

20th January 2014 minoxit 8 min read

Although films of various types were available for 110 cameras, the cameras could only be set for 100 ISO or 400 ISO.  (Some cameras have +/- […]

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