11 February 2021

FOMA 200 film test

8 February 2021


13 February 2019

Agfa APX 25

I remember a time when I was just pop in Jessops on the Watford’s High Street and just buy a couple of Agfa APX 25, to […]
10 March 2014

Cut & roll Minox film

How to slit and roll 9.2mm film Minox film is technically specified as 9.4mm wide. But for self loading, it is better to slit it slightly […]
26 February 2014

Adox CHS 50 Studional

Long I have waited for decent results from Adox CHS 50, purchased last year in a bout of renewing my film negative stock. I have heard […]
20 January 2014

Reloading 110 cassettes

Although films of various types were available for 110 cameras, the cameras could only be set for 100 ISO or 400 ISO.  (Some cameras have +/- […]