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Isaiah Rice and Minox 1969

9th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

The Appalachian Urban Folk Photography Isaiah Rice (1917 – 1980) “The depth of Rice’s passion for photography is evidenced in his choice of camera equipment and […]

Kennedy assassination Minox

8th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Right after the assassination, the LH Oswald’s premises were searched by DPD. Among other stuff, Dallas police confiscated what they said was a Minox camera on […]

Minox Jelabuga

28th January 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Riga Minox Images in Jelabuga POW Camp From July to August 1999, there was an exhibition titled “Do you know Jelabuga ?” in the Culture Museum […]

Masters of old

21st October 2014 minoxit 1 min read
minoxit archived article

Zeiss Ikon, Contax, Contarex, Ica, Wirgin, Edixa, Exacta, Praktica, Pentacon, Goerz, Contessa, Contina, Ihagee, Praktina, Ikonta, Piccolette, Cocarette, Nettel, Lloyd, Icarette, Tenax, Tengor, Maximar, Nettar, Super […]

Spy cameras – beginnings

20th August 2014 minoxit 3 min read
minoxit archived article

Photos uncovered by the National Archives show how the police spied on the suffragettes. These covert images – perhaps the UK’s first spy pictures – have […]

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