31 January 2021

Flash cube data

9 January 2021

Minox conversion chart

31 January 2019

Flash bulbs color & BW

The Ag-1 flash adapter takes, obviously, AG-1 flash bulbs. There are two types, for color film and for BW film; the difference becomes apparent when you […]
30 January 2019

Minox EC cube flash

Usually found in the older Minox EC kits, also found as single item for sale on various online sites. Simple but very durable and excellent adapter […]
26 January 2019

ME1 flash connector

This cable was found in a lot purchased some time ago (see my post about the boxed Minox C), together with a brand new and pristine […]
4 January 2018

Electronic flash with Minox

OK, so we all know how to use a dedicated Minox flash with our Minox cameras; how about employing a non-Minox flash unit with the same […]
27 November 2016

Minox C4 flash

One of the best flash units for Minox cameras, if you like to use flash cubes (or if you find some :-)). They tend to be […]
4 February 2014

EMO Wetzlar flash unit

This flash unit I purchased in Monaco, while on a business trip. On Prince Albert Iere, a small shop made my day in the autumn of […]
15 January 2014

AG-1 flash bulbs

Nothing produces the quality and quantity of light generated by a flashbulb. Small, portable, easily fired and relatively inexpensive, flashbulbs are able to provide a tremendous […]
14 January 2014

Minox B flash unit

Similar to Minox B/C (A) flash unit specifications. However, the only difference lies in tha size of the unit, where the B is longer than the […]
14 January 2014

Minox B/C flash

It was mainly intended to be used with the A-model cameras. It employs the use of flash bulbs of Ag1 type. Battery wise, it needs the […]
14 January 2014

8×11 electronic flash