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Low light photography book

11th June 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Free to download, not very old information, quite the opposite. Interesting book, covers many aspects of low light photography with “small cameras”, and also covers the […]

Minox historical letters

5th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Two letters, from the turbulent 40’s, a war decade for most of it. Interesting from a historical point of view of course, and they depict a […]

Minox Lab prices 1969

5th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

With no impact today, nonetheless it’s very interesting to know and compare the cost fo laboratory processing of a Minox negative, back in the day. 1969 […]

Period adverts series 1

29th January 2019 minoxit 0 min read
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Dismantle Minox C

26th January 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Courtesy to a page prepared and published some years ago by Huw Finney. Enjoy, and ensure you observe the copyright of the author.   You may […]

Agfa Beginner’s Handbook

6th July 2016 minoxit 1 min read
minoxit archived article

An abridged version of this sought-after book, from the heydays of film photography. Very interesting , I do recommend it to be read and enjoyed. Download […]

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