27 January 2021

Minox C “FI”

22 January 2021

Minox Riga in Sowiet camps

18 January 2021

Army asks for cameras

10 January 2021

Zapp & Minox patents

9 January 2021

1940 House of Commons

9 January 2021

Minox letter 1940

20 March 2019

Why 9.2mm for Minox ?

Although not a real conundrum or a deeply buried enigma, this question has been asked many times;  indeed, why the 9.2mm format? Is it indeed 9.2mm, […]
9 February 2019

Isaiah Rice and Minox 1969

The Appalachian Urban Folk Photography Isaiah Rice (1917 – 1980) “The depth of Rice’s passion for photography is evidenced in his choice of camera equipment and […]
8 February 2019

Kennedy assassination Minox

Right after the assassination, the LH Oswald’s premises were searched by DPD. Among other stuff, Dallas police confiscated what they said was a Minox camera on […]
5 February 2019

Minox serial numbers

A listing of historical serial numbers, engraved on Minox 8×11 classic cameras. Courtesy of Minox Germany.
5 February 2019

VEF Minox Riga data

A good place to pick your Minox Riga information from. I do not know who maintains it, but he surely is an enthusiast. The place is […]
28 January 2014

Minox Riga – Russian or Latvian?

While looking around on the net for buying a Tochka 9.2mm camera, I happened upon this page here: www.novacon.com.br/books6.htm The claim is that Minox Riga is […]