18 February 2021

16mm to 9.2mm film cutter

18 February 2021

Dual format film cutter

31 January 2021

Acmel (Minox) film cutter

31 January 2021

Zipslit film cutter

17 January 2021

Tarroux film cutter

7 February 2019

Film cutters collection

During the last 22 years, which is the time I have spent enjoying my Minox hobby, I have used a lot of film cutters. Different models, […]
4 February 2019

8×11 film cutter

This film cutter was purchased as part of larger Minox stuff, some years ago. I have no idea if it comes from a Minox machinery from […]
1 February 2019

8×11 film cutter review

Although it has been published in the second part of 2017, it is nonetheless a new thing for many Minox users out there. First published on […]
28 January 2019

Film cutter models

I was surprised on how many film cutters are out there. To be honest, I believe this to be extremely beneficial for all of us. Out […]
8 September 2017

Minox film slitter

FILM CUTTER 35MM TO 9.2 AND 16MM Article by Julian Tanase – published on www.minoxit.com | 08 September 2017 Right then. Let us talk about this new […]
19 October 2014

Russian film cutters

The F-21 is a very small fully mechanical camera with a wind-up film transport mechanism, built by the Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod (KMZ), the Mechanical Factory of […]
19 October 2014

TLR film cutter

Not much to say; a lot and all has been said by the designer and owner here. Basically a film cutter from 120 to 127 film […]