19 January 2021

Minox C an eveready camera

1 February 2019

8×11 film cutter review

Although it has been published in the second part of 2017, it is nonetheless a new thing for many Minox users out there. First published on […]
1 February 2019

8×11 cassette review

I have made this review available to all members of the community. Just read it here, or download it from the link provided at the bottom […]
1 February 2019

Jimmy Li 8×11 cassette review

Review and article author: Julian Tanase, Minoxit.Com | 9 September 2017 First getting a glimpse of his new design of a Minox film cassette, Jimmy was […]
26 February 2014

Adox CHS 50 Studional

Long I have waited for decent results from Adox CHS 50, purchased last year in a bout of renewing my film negative stock. I have heard […]
19 January 2014

Jimmy Li film cutter

Cutting your own format from various film stock has long been a good source of getting fresh film for our weird cameras :-). However, we seldom […]