8 February 2019

Minox document copier

As real Minox spy cameras have a minimum focussing distance of 20 cm, they are ideal for making close-ups of documents. In real life however, documents […]
7 February 2019

Minox tripod alternative

Not many carry nowadays the Minox tripod, as it may be either cumbersome in some instances (although it is miniatural), or for ease of installing and […]
7 February 2019

Release cables for Minox

Although the Minox tripod has its own release cable (inside largest leg), basically any good generic release cable would work with the tripod camera adapter. Make […]
2 February 2019

Minox LX tripod adapter

26 January 2019

Tripod models

Two models of Minox tripod, almost similar but also different: nickel/chrome and silk matte finish. The cases are also different, not only in color but also […]
16 January 2014

Minox tripod

The Minox tripod is, without doubt, one of the most clever gadgets in the Minox spy camera range. It basically consists of two major accessories: the […]
14 January 2014

Minox tripod head

Especially handy when it comes to those long exposures. Works with a release cable, just make sure you have the locking-type one if you employ B […]