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This flash unit I purchased in Monaco, while on a business trip. On Prince Albert Iere, a small shop made my day in the autumn of 2007. I haggled with poor M. Romain for an hour :-).

Apparently this flash has been manufactured by the EMO Wetzlar factory, incorporated by Arthur Siebert, the lens magician of Leica Leitz and later on, the master who designed the 2 most sharpest lenses in the world now: the Pentar of Minox II and Complan of Minox III.


There is an identical flash unit with the wording “Minox” on it; I never had one of those. Same design, different colors, same reflector. Not the same case, if I recall corectly. It was manufactured by Minox.

Takes the Eveready 15v, instead of the mercury Mallory. Uses only AG – type bulbs, either blue or white. Can be attached to any camera with a shoe, providing it has a sync cable input. It can also be attached to any Minox 8×11 camera (not good for Minox EC/ECX), via Minox 8×11 Flash Shoe Adapter.

A few more details:

azx emo2



Do note that the flash shoe adapter may not be used with Minox IIIs, due to its design (the adapter window makes it unfit for using it on these cameras). The best way to use this flash gun with the cameras above is to plug in the sync cable and use the flash off camera.

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