During the last 22 years, which is the time I have spent enjoying my Minox hobby, I have used a lot of film cutters. Different models, different types, different results. I have used almost everything on the market at the time, and also anything available. Until the 2000;s, there were not many options. The first and foremost tool for splitting film fof Minox was of course the Minox film slitter / Acmel film slitter:

Scarcity of replacement blades was the death of it, at least for me.

After this, I have discovered the Zipslit, which had a long life (some 8 yrs with the same blades!). Straight strips, no fringing, every time good films. Alas, the blades worn, and I now stored it as a piece of minoxiana (is this even a word ?). Nonetheless, I may change the blades sometime in the future, although this item is not used anymore for my films.

As said, this cutter is not in use anymore. I keep it though, it reminds me of my early Minox days.

Next, a couple of Al Doyle’s plastic cutters; not bad, but because of the design the 35mm negative tends to wobble when pulled. Yes, you can always press harder onto the detachable top, but this will scratch the negative. I have bought 2 of these: 35 mm to 2 x 9.2mm and 35mm to 1 x 16mm.

These items were not much used by me. I have scratched a couple of films and that had put me in a fright of using these cutters for reloading my Minox cassettes.

Next, a film cutter from 16mm stock down to 1 x 9.2mm; very useful when it comes to cutting 16mm film stock (Kodak, Fuji) to Minox format. Had seen a lot of use, but I cannot recall where I have bought it from, sorry. Very possible from the same seller, Al Doyle.

Next, this came into my possession, what would appear to be part of a machinery. Rolling steel cutters, excellent machine for cutting Minox film out of 35mm stock.

Currently, I use Jimmy Li’s steel film cutters: I have two of them, both cutting by rolling.

This one cuts 2 x 9.2mm film strips out of 35mm film stock.

The second one cuts 1 x 9.2mm plus 1 x 16mm film format strips out of the same 35mm stock.

The last items here, Jimmy Li’s cutters, are excellent tools. I have no reason to believe they will not outlast me. If you wish or need more information on Jummy Li’s film cutters, you may read my review here.

Also, for the sake of curiosity, you may visit this page here, Minox film cutters, where a lot of 9.2mm and 16mm film cutters are listed. Among these, some 126 and 127 medium format cut from 120 stock. While these are not all existing, there is a lot of information, both visual and links.

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