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Selenium-cell operated. Fuji jumped into the half-frame war the same year that Canon did. In fact, their first half-frame -- the Fuji Half -- had a camera body that looked a lot like the Canon Demi. The features were similar as well. Auto or manual exposure with selenium meter next to the viewfinder.

One nice feature was the aperture/shutter speed readout in the viewfinder. The scale runs from 1/250 at f22 down to 1/30 at f2.8. In auto mode, the camera selected the correct f-stop/shutter speed combination and displayed the results. In manual mode, both the aperture and the shutter speed could be set individually -- unlike the Demi. It had a 28mm (f2.8 - 22) focusing lens.

Close focusing to two feet. Speeds B, 30, 60, 125, 300. Fujica Half has Self-timer and cold shoe for flash, also tripod socket and cable release socket. Film speeds of 12 to 200. PC contact.

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