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Me and Minox

In the late 90’s, I thought I had enough reasons to build and publish my first website related to Minox photography. Between you and me, I did not had any reason at all. With no experience in website building and almost none with Minox cameras, the result of my web design was appalling. But…for what was worth, it felt good and it made me pursue much more actively this hobby. The website name was It was free, it had a very small webspace (I believe its had only 500 mb or something), ugly template, no plugins. But for that time, it was a wonderful tool to show the world what I thought it was (NOT!) an unparalleled work of Minox art 🙂 🙂 🙂

me and minox

Fast forward to 2000. I was learning fast, and both website building and Minox photography became a bit more familiar to me. I bought a domain name, and I established, which existed until this year, when it was changed to this one you visit now. A couple of years ago, curious to see if my first website exists anymore, I punched its name in the browser. To my huge, huge surprise, my website was still published, and was still online 🙂 Thank you, Freeservers UK, much appreciated! Who would have thought…23 yrs later on… 🙂

So these here are my first Minox photographs, taken with my first Minox A/IIIs and Minox B (I still have them). These pics are all I was able to save from those years, and I am happy that at least some are still with me now. Some of them badly focused, some under or overexposed, but they were my first, and I love each of them.

The resolution is poor, first of all because I have copied them from the (never had them backed), and second, they were never high resolution anyways: at the time, I was using a Microtec 35 bought from Jessops, which was all that I could afford. Good scanner, but by the standards of today it had the specs of a child toy. And then, from that poor scanning resolution, I resized them to some 600×400, to save some webspace, very poor at the time.

My first Minox color - LX and Fuji 100Duke of Marlborough Pub in St. AlbansSt. Albans AbbeyMy first closeup IIIs Pan 50Dublin Jail museumKiosk in Watford ParkTri X handheld - IIIs - St Albans AbbeyTmax 3200 handheld - IIIs - St Albans AbbeyLynch's Pub in WatfordWatford JunctionThe Harlequin WatfordMy first Minox IIIsPArkign in WatfordRegistrar Office in WatfordOne Bell pub Watford


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