An old Minocolor 400 ASA, expired (1993, or thereabouts), 15 exp negative, shot with a Minox C. Developed in Minox tank. Presoak for 5 mins @ 20*C, Rodinal 1+50 @ 20*C, 30 secs thermometer agitation, then stand for 6 mins, thermometer agitation 10 secs, then stand for 5,5 mins; total of dev time was 12 mins. Fixed 1+4 Ilford Rapid @6 mins, then washed for another 5.

I guess the combination of low dilution, agitation time and method, and length of dev time proved to be not my best approach. All these plus the fact that the negative was 20+ years old made this film to appear badly shot and even poorer developed. Again, several lessons to be learned here.

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