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Exell Alkaline Battery A220/504A, this is a battery which replaces the now-extinct Eveready 504, 15 Volts for Minox flash. The A220/504A fits the Minox flashgun for AG-1.

Replaces NEDA 220 Eveready 504The A220/504A (Eveready 504 or NEDA 220) battery is Alkaline and cylindrical. It is the perfect replacement for the hard to find Eveready 504. The original Eveready 504 is Carbon Zinc and a rounded-off square in cross section (Height: 34.9 mm, Length: 15.1 mm, Width: 15.9 mm).

Type: Alkaline

Voltage: 15V, Amperage: 60mAh, Length: 34.9 mm, Diameter: 15.1

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