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I met Minox cameras in the late ’90s. Never looked back since. Never had a moment when I thought the format is small and not worth working with. Always kept my IIIs with me, loaded with fresh cut film.

Camera is seen here, with its companion, the Minosix light meter.

IIIs and meter


The Latvian engineer Walter Zapp wanted to create a portable camera that would fit easily into the palm of the hand and yet take high quality, spontaneous pictures. The Minox subminiature camera, in its various models, was for years the world’s most widely used spy camera. The ultralight aluminum shell Minox A/IIIs was produced from 1955 untill 1969. Because of its small size (82 x 28 x 16 mm!), it was easy to conceal and operate in one hand. It could take excellent photographs of documents at close range and was a natural for clandestine photography. The “s” means that the camera has a connector for a Flash module. The older A III models don’t have this connector.

It is said that, for the purists, AIII/ AIIIs is THE Minox, representing the perfect shape dreamed and made a reality by Walter Zapp.

Size: 82 x 28 x 16 mm
Serial numbers: 58500 to 147494

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