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Clever thing, this small adapter. Lets you employ the use of regular flash units with Minox cameras.

flash adapter

This slide on metal adapter provides a mounting point and electrical contact for standard electronic flash units from other manufacturers. Although they will physically slide onto and work with all models of Minox 9.2mm cameras (excepting the EC/ECX series), owners of Model IIIS and earlier cameras may find that it obscures their view through the viewfinder. Longer model cameras won’t have this problem; a window cut out is built in so as not to obscure the exposure meters on the models that have one. Model III, II and Riga cameras do not have the electrical contacts necessary for a flash unit to function with them using this adapter.


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  1. EMO Wetzlar flash unit | julian tanase says:

    […] Takes the Eveready 15v, instead of the mercury Mallory. Uses only AG – type bulbs, either blue or white. Can be attached to any camera with a shoe, providing it has a sync cable input. It can also be attached to any Minox 8×11 camera (not good for Minox EC/ECX), via Minox 8×11 Flash Shoe Adapter. […]

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