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My Minox journey continues…

Minox Journeys – on the Aegean Sea

Minox Journeys – on the Aegean Sea

While in Athens, I indulged myself to a cruise trip from Piraeus to Crete and Santorini islands in the Aegean Sea. Wonderful places, wonderful food and plenty of history for a buff such as myself. Embarked from Piraeus heading for Crete, where I endured one of the most atrocious heat waves I ever encountered (the other notable one was when I visited Pammukale in Turkey). Summer of 2006 was quite the thing for those who suffer heat, but I am not one of those people, so I just stayed in the shade, sipping my ice lemonade, and taking pictures. And of course, my Minox IIIs, loaded with Agfa APX 25.

Then, when a liner announced that a 2 days to Santorini is available, I took passage on that ship. Fun days, lots of heat as well, the deck was so hot one could fry eggs on it. During the journey, my skin became dark, I was always dehydrated and hot, but I was enjoying every minute of it. Arrived in Santorini, and travelled up to the top of the island where the small town is, and I did this by donkeys. That a sight to behold, me on a donkey. Minox on a donkey that is, loaded with APX 25 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

The film used was Agfa APX 25, the long gone one. I took pictures with my Minox IIIs everytime this was possible, but most of the times I was either hanging to dear life to something (or someone), or the waves were strong, or the donkey had a mind of his own. I managed to take some nice photographs, and to be honest, the entire set of photographs would’ve never existed if I had with me a 35mm or other format camera. But with a Minox, those came to be possible.

Orthodox monastery Crete
Beach in Crete
Liner departing from Piraeus harbor
Buoys in Aegean Sea
Knossos ruins 3
Liner ready to depart
Santorjni harbor
Snapping the photographer
Olive trees in Crete
Aegean Sea shores
Small boat to Santorini
Disembarking for Santorini
Taut rope to shore
Mycenaen gate
Ziziki tree
Knossos ruins 2
On the deck
Flaunt ’em
Cretan cat
Knossos ruins in Crete
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