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Not many carry nowadays the Minox tripod, as it may be either cumbersome in some instances (although it is miniatural), or for ease of installing and usage. However, alternatives do exist, and they are cheaper than a Minox tripod. So if you don’t mind going “oh not so original”. you can always choose a smaller tripod to use with your Minox cameras, as most of the times, the screw-in system is the same.

The locking nut for the legs is folded onto the main body, so no snagging when you take it out. The legs are foldable, rubber on their ends, and the entire size of the tripod (without Minox head adapter) is only half of that of a Minox tripod. The angle of the legs spreading is pretty much the same of the Minox tripod legs.

Some of the Minox tripods or Minox tripod adapters come with a screw-in nut, which is also Minox produced. This basically enhance the adaptability of the tripod head to the end of a tripod.

This is the generic tripod, complete with the Minox camera adapter screwed-in, cable attached. For alternative release cables to go with your Minox, please see here this article.

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