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I do admit I have been kind of a lazy bear the last couple of years. I have been focusing on business and my other hobby, pen repair, so I sort of neglected my Minox cameras and such. Well, I am going to put this to work again; as you can see, I have been revamping my website with a new look, and believe you me, lots of work here. I suspect the website will be fully up and running in a month or so.

Tens of 8x11 negatives to be processed and scanned, also quite a number of 16mm and 35mm as well. Not a walk in the park, as you can guess. But slowly, I'll get to the bottom of it. Images will need then to be processed, finished and published here, of course.

Some cameras will have to be presented and discussed about, and new films too. Btw, Jimmy Li stopped manufacturing those beautiful 8x11 film slitters and cassettes of his, or so I was told. Not sure if these are still available, and I get a lot of messages regarding these items. Not been in contact with Jimmy for some time now, but this will have to change. My Flickr account has been gathering dust, and the same is valid regaring my account, this will have to change as well.

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