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The first camera produced by the Romanian optical equipment factory IOR, in or very close to 1954. The optical equipment production was in its first days of designing and producing such items as compasses, binoculars, microscopes and others. CA,eras were a logical follow up of the capabilities of the factory, which were not great to begin with.

This stamped metal sheet, coated with a rubberized paint resembling the semi-vulcanite of old. Single meniscus lens, two speeds of T and 1.25, the lens is marked IOR Menisc, 1/11 @ F=75mm, uncoated. Shutter is operated via a side lever, and the movement is of a liniar leaf type. Film taken is of 120 MF type. A control window with a red manual blind is fitted onto the back plate. A simple, glass viewfinder is fitted within a metal frame.

Not very rare, but hard to find in decent to good working condition.

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