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I finished the film in my Leica IIIf, and when I took it out, I realized it's a roll of color film (yes, forgot to fill-in the film type card when loading the film). And as "luck" would have it, no color chems around the house. That is because I have decided I will not spend more money on what is (at its best) a finicky and tiresome process, at least for me. So, what's one to do? Logic dictates: process the film as BW, of course.

I know, I know...process color negative as BW is not the thing to be done. Well, not normally, that is. However, if one has no C41 chemicals to work with, what is one to do? Evidently, process a roll of Fuji Superia 100 in R09 (dilution 1+50 at 35*C, for 15 mins, tank inverted every 3 minutes), fix 1+8 Ilfofix, same temp, for 10 minutes, tank inverted each 5 minutes), wash thoroughly, wet agent, hang to dry). Scanned with Plustek 7200 OpticFilm.

A brief thought: the color processing labs in my town are closed, apparently nobody is shooting film anymore. Why would they ? The nowadays mobile phone camera and various other digital contraptions are taking care of that. Sad times...

During the first wash (after dev), what came out of the tank was a magenta-colored water. After process completed, the negative came out a shiny grey, almost no contrast, and the frames were almost invisible. After a good wash, the frames came to light, not much, but one could see where they were. After drying, the film was scanned. A yellow-ish tint was visible on the negative, and this is why the film was desaturated in Adobe.

I have a Minox Color Film 400, already in the tank, cannot wait for this neg to undergo the same processing. Will the luck hold?

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