Regional coverage of Romania Private Investigations is the national territory of Romania and Republic of Moldova; we also offer services in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. Some services are not available for some certain territories, so if you wish to deploy our services anywhere else than the countries above do inquire prior to placing your order.

We take the responsibility of conducting investigations in other countries than Romania very seriously. In order for our clients’ jobs to be undertaken in a professional manner, we need to make sure the legality of it all has to be observed. We are not in the business to make troubles for our clients, but to help them. Therefore, all our work outside Romania is run in a completely legal environment.

Do note that not all our services are available outside natural regional coverage which is Romania; if in doubt, ask first.

We do offer (up to a certain extent and subject to availability) services in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia and Bosnia Hertsegovina. Rendering a certain service in any of these areas is always subject of local capabilities, duration of time needed for completion, tasks of the project. As said, do inquire first, if you need services rendered in these countries.

Alternatively, we obviously undertake and will conduct any requests for other areas in the vicinity of Romania, if need be. Everything is up to the client: if they identify their need, we are more than capable to  devise the means to complete it.

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