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Almost identical to another Minox-wannabe camera, Yashica Atoron. Focus is fix - 18mm Yashinon f/2.8 to f/16). Shutter speeds of 1/45-1/250 and B, meter built in (Selenium). The meter provides a match-needle, programmed-type of exposure. Set the film speed then you point the camera at the subject. Lastly, you match the meter needle by turning a dial, this sets a speed from 1/45 at f2.8 to 1/250 at f16. One has to remember and employ the use of good old Sunny 16 rules.

Built-in sliding yellow filter. Other slip-on filters (80A and ND4) were available that covered the lens and the meter. The case is similar to that of a Minox camera, albeit if a different size, and the flash unit uses a AG 1 bulb for flash photography. Shutter lock ring around shutter release. The film advances by pulling a tab on the right side of the camera, similar to Yashica Atoron.

Main differences when compared to Minox cameras are the lack of focusing lens on Revue, whereas Minox has such lens. Another difference is that Minox does not have a variable aperture, whereas Revue Ministar has such .

I would say (from my experience) that this Revue Mini Star camera is a very good one, if you follow a few very simple rules. Give it a try.

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