romania private investigations

Well, I am not a trained SEO specialist or a social guru, and by no means have the skills to be one or the other. I am just your average private investigator, with a good quart of a century of profession under my belt. And I am not a young cat either; au contraire. I still think that PacMan is the coolest game there is.

No, I am but a Romania private investigator, with his pluses and minuses.

Back in the day, when Google was a pup and the internet was much easier to comprehend, I used to build my own website and maintain it. Anyone who could scrape some HTML language, have a crash course in basics of the FTP and decently manage his work around the long forgotten Office 95 or 97, had all the tools one needed to build what would be a passable website.

The idea was just to put together a bunch of pages filled with whatever you did for a living, written to the best of your Wordsworth side, and upload the whole jumble on the internet. It was rather a simple thing, what with not bothering with Google+, Tweeter, Facebook and the like. And yes, life was much more relaxed, money had value, sun shone brighter, holidays cheaper, and so forth (self-mockery here).

Time came to pass; long story short, for some 4 or 5 years I completely neglected the internet side of my business. An old HTML 4 website, only a few keywords, no interlinking, no social media, no blog, no fresh content, no SEO tools put to work: basically just some kind of a poor thing, left to slowly be buried by the new and aggressive marketing tools.

One day, a friend of mine, who is a good with optimizing website and such wizardry, had a look onto my website and had a bit of rank reading for it: my business was listed on the 58th page on the Google search for main keywords. Bad news, no doubt. Nobody is looking farther than the, say, 2nd or 3rd page when looking for something. Well, I was not there, because I was busy filling some useless space on the 58th page. Mind you, I wasn’t complaining on getting new clients; they came to me as always, from everywhere, only not from the internet (unless they knew my name or that of my business). To be honest, I really didn’t see this coming.

Rapid meeting, rapid decisions: I hired him to tweak with whatever he said he is going to do, to better my Google ranking. A new website was mandatory, a new web host as well. This was the easy part; a new content had to be created from scratch, so I had to literally force myself to work and write new stuff for the new pages of my new website. This took me some 4 weeks; writing I like, but not when I HAVE to do it. Feels to much like the military service.

And then, with an inescapable feeling of doom, I learned that I need to sign up with Google+, Google Business, Google this and Google that. Christ, the list of what I (and him) had to do was as long as the Cleopatra’s Needle shadow. My initial feeling of doom was soon replaced by a sentiment of slavery. I was the slave of this new age; funny enough, it didn’t forced anything on me. It was just that I had to do this, because if I wasn’t there for my prospective clients, someone else will. And this is not good, obviously.

Fast forward to present time: everything is in place now, looks good, stays good and I trust that it will do good for and to my business. I am doing my bit, which is writing a new article every now and then.

And you know what? I like this new thing; it made me realize that I needed this. I needed a kick in the proverbial backside, so to wake me from my complacent stasis. I even came to love writing; it opens new spiritual avenues in front of me, and what neurons are still alive in there are working themselves in overdrive, which is good.

Do not let your internet side of your business dwindle; it will hurt the company in a way which you do not even begin to fathom. Stay ahead of Mr. Google and by all means, try writing. I bet you’ll feel much better, if only for giving yourself to the pleasure of thinking and putting in words your thoughts.

Mind gymnastics, basically.

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