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S-112 (Russian: С-112) was a compact covert reproduction camera, developed in the mid-1980s by BelOMO in Minsk (Belorussia) 1 for use by Soviet intelligence services like the KGB, the MVD and other special services. It was also actively used by the Soviet Union's Border Security services for copying passports and other documents. S-112 is the successor to VUNOCK and ZASLON [2].

The camera uses 21 mm film, which can be cut from a standard 35mm perforated film by means of the supplied film cutter. It uses an internal light source, so that it is not sensitive to varying ambient lighting conditions. For this reason it uses a fixed shutter speed. In fact, it can be used in complete darkness during a covert operation.

The S-112 was delivered to the KGB in a sealed purple carton box, that included the camera, an instruction leaflet, a film cutter and a soft napkin for cleaning the lens occasionally. Batteries were not included and had to be sourced elsewhere.

This camera was used by the Soviet KGB counterintelligence, when conducting searches of residences and hotel rooms of suspected targets like dissidents, spies, agents, foreign politicians, business men, diplomats, etc. The camera was used to copy small documents, like notes, identity papers and photographs.

Source: Cryptomuseum

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