Background check in  Romania since 1991.

We conduct professional background check in Romania, a service focused on individuals, for employment  or pre-employment purposes, or simply as an add-on service in other investigations type.This service is conducted usually on behalf of recruiting companies, human resources agencies, or other entities, commercial or of other legal enterprise sort.

We came to learn that, while many records are public (free or paid access), the same many are deeply buried in the vaults of the “unknown database” , and it takes a good investigator with a relentless wish and determination to “dig & sift”.

This is what we usually are after and (usually) deliver to our clients in form of professional reports, seconded by hard facts and proofs, exactly what is expected professionally speaking from a background check in Romania.

Civil litigation

Criminal Records

Corporate Affiliations

Judgments, Liens and Bankruptcies

Tax Courts

Employment history

Educational credentials

Professional licenses and affiliations

Local and national media and Internet

Assets and properties

Driving records

Getting your facts clean and legal, this is what we endeavor to achieve for a background check Romania; clean, so our client doesn’t have to chase the same vector again and again, getting frustrated by lots of money paid for nil or usable results, and legal…well, it does pay to have everything tucked away nicely inside a legal boundary, when the case hits the court (and it almost always does, don’t you know).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your order of a background check in Romania.

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