Employment and screening verification

Private Investigations Romania services of employment, pre-employment and screening are professionally developed and researched, for our Western or Romanian clients, be these companies, human resources agencies or other entities.

CV and identity verification

  • – We will check the CV in reverse, making sure that all the applicant history is covered and accounted for.

References collection

  • – We obtain professional, educational or behavioral references, completing the respective profile of the applicant or the employee in question.

Educational background

  • – We verify applicant’s or employee’s educational history, in such a manner that our client can have a complete idea on what to expect.

Pre-employment verification

  • – We are addressing this by creating a full profile for your candidate, on several vectors, such as employment history, educational history, moral profile and a full background check (including criminal check and media scouring for negatives).

We can also customize our projects for our clients, so you as a client are in full control on what is going on. Do not hesitate to contact us for good discounts on bulk orders for background checks, employment verification, screening of existing employees, and much more.

Click here for a free assessment on your case of employment, background and / or screening verification in Romania, and for a free of charge quotation of your project.

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