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Minox tripod alternative

7th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Not many carry nowadays the Minox tripod, as it may be either cumbersome in some instances (although it is miniatural), or for ease of installing and […]

Tripod models

26th January 2019 minoxit 1 min read
tripod models

Two models of Minox tripod, almost similar but also different: nickel/chrome and silk matte finish. The cases are also different, not only in color but also […]

Minox tripod

16th January 2014 minoxit 2 min read

The Minox tripod is, without doubt, one of the most clever gadgets in the Minox spy camera range. It basically consists of two major accessories: the […]

Minox tripod head

14th January 2014 minoxit 1 min read

Especially handy when it comes to those long exposures. Works with a release cable, just make sure you have the locking-type one if you employ B […]

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